What is Machine Learning ?

What is Machine Learning ?


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This is the first article of our series towards learning Machine Learning concepts from absolute beginner to advance. In this article we will see how what is Machine Learning in easy terms

machine learning in simple terms! Machine learning is a way for computers to learn and get better at doing things all by themselves, without being explicitly programmed for every little task.

Think about how you learn at school - your teachers don't just give you all the answers, right? Instead, they give you examples, and you learn from those examples how to solve new problems on your own. That's kind of like machine learning!

We give computers a lot of data, which is just information like pictures, words, numbers, etc. The computer looks at that data and tries to figure out patterns and rules. Once it understands those patterns, it can make predictions or decisions without being directly told what to do.

For example, let's say we wanted a computer to learn how to recognize dogs in pictures. We would show it tons of pictures of dogs, and pictures of other animals too. Over time, by looking at all those examples, the computer figures out what dogs look like - furry, four legs, tail, etc. Then when you show it a new picture, it can recognize "Hey, that looks like a dog!"

Some of the advantages of using Machine Language

  • Automatic translation between languages

  • Recommendations for movies/songs you might like

  • Identifying spam emails

  • Self-driving cars

The great thing is that once the computer learns from the examples we give it, it can figure out how to handle totally new situations it wasn't directly trained on. It's a powerful way for computers to automatically get smarter and smarter at tasks. Pretty neat, right?