SQL Server 2019 Installation Guide [Developer Edition]

SQL Server 2019 Installation Guide [Developer Edition]


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Once you have downloaded the .exe file, follow these steps to install and create an instance of SQL Server :

  1. Run the .exe file and choose "Download Media".

  1. Select your Language, choose the ‘ISO’ package and your preferred Download Location. Then, click on ‘Download’.

  1. The downloading process for the ISO package file begins.

  1. On successful download, click on ‘Open Folder’ to locate the ISO file.

  1. Right click on the ISO file and click on ‘Mount’ to access the package files.

  1. Locate the installation package and setup file.

  1. Right click on the setup file, and select "Run As Administrator".

  1. The SQL Server Installation Center opens.
    Select the first option:
    "New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation"

  1. In the "Product Key" section, choose the "Developer" edition and click on "Next".

  1. Accept the license terms and click on "Next".

  1. Make sure all "Global Rules" pass the test and click "Next".

  1. In the "Microsoft Update" window, enable "Check for Updates" to allow the installer to automatically check for possible software updates.
    Click on "Next".

  1. The setup files will get installed in the next window - Install Setup Files.

  1. The "Feature Selection" window allows you to select which SQL Server components will be installed.

  1. Select the "Instance features" as shown below, as they are mandatory for SQL Server to work with Visual Expert. Then, click "Next".

  1. In the "Instance Configuration" window, create a "VE_Server" Named instance and click "Next".

  1. The "Server Configuration" window allows users to configure Service Accounts.
    Click "Next" if no change is required in the default account settings.

  2. In the Database Engine Configuration window, under the Server Configuration tab, select "Mixed Mode" authentication.
    Doing so will allow you to set a password for "System Administrator (sa)" user.

  1. Click on "Add Current User" to set the current user as Administrator for this SQL Server instance. Then, click "Next".

  1. Arriving at the 'Feature Configuration Rules' window, make sure all the Rule(s) pass the installer scanning test. Then, click 'Next'.

  1. All configuration steps have been completed. Click "Install" to start the installation.

  1. The installation begins.

23.The installation of SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition is completed.